Visa Gift & TravelMoney Cards


You want to give gifts that match their personality, their interests and their size; but you’re not sure about the right style or color and you don’t have time to search the mall (or even online).  Now there’s an easy way to make sure your gifts are just what they want.  Simply give our Visa Gift Card.

Our Visa Gift cards come in different styles that fit any occasion and any person.  And now, each card comes with a 7-year expiration date that gives the recipient plenty of time to use it.

Visa Gift Card logo

Use it wherever Visa debit cards are accepted.  Unlike a gift certificate for a specific store, our Visa Gift Cards can be used at millions of merchants around the neighborhood or around the world.  They can even be used to order an item online or by phone.  So the person who receives the card can choose what to buy and where to buy it.  Our Visa Gift Cards are safer than cash and easier to use than a check.  So you’re also giving the gift of security and convenience.

It’s as easy to get as it is to give.  Take the stress out of gift-buying.  To purchase a Visa Gift Card, simply stop by the credit union or call us for more information – 615-382-8255.

Take our Visa TravelMoney Card and take a vacation from worry. Our Visa TravelMoney Card is safer than cash, more convenient than traveler’s checks.

Take peace of mind on your travels. Our Visa TravelMoney Card is your passport to a relaxing trip. That’s because it provides the safety of traveler’s checks with the convenience of a traditional plastic card.  The card isn’t tied to your checking or savings accounts. So even if the card is lost or stolen, your accounts are not in jeopardy, and emergency card replacement is available. In fact, our Visa TravelMoney Card comes with Zero Liability Protection for your security.

Our Card is packed with benefits to assist you. There’s nothing to worry about, but plenty of advantages to enjoy.  Each registered card includes 90-day purchase protection, plus travel and emergency assistance.  There’s even reimbursement if your luggage is lost.

Manage our Visa TravelMoney Cards online.  Want to keep your purchases in line?  Just go online.  Our internet management tool lets you track your spending and check your remaining balance, anytime and anywhere.  When you need to add funds, reload the card online in amounts from $100 to $5,000.

Accepted at merchants and ATMs worldwide.  Use the Visa TravelMoney Card to pay for flights, hotels, meals and shopping.  It’s usable anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted worldwide.  You can also get U.S. currency or foreign local currency at ATMs as you travel.

To purchase a Visa TravelMoney Card, simply stop by the credit union or give us a call for more information – 615-382-8255.  We now have CHIP enabled cards for international travel!