Robo-Call Scams

This type of fraudulent activity often increases during both holiday and tax refund seasons.  Many members have received "automated" calls informing them that their debit card has been deactivated and needs to be re-activated.  They are then asked to provide key account information such as account numbers, card numbers and expirations dates in order to re-activate the debit card.  

We want to take this opportunity to remind you that you should never give out this information to someone who calls you.  A legitimate financial institution will already have this information and will not need you to enter it via keypad or give it to them verbally.  Please continue reading the article below for more information and instructions. 

Automated Phone Call Scam Resurfaces

Reports are coming in from around the country regarding an increase in "robo-call" scams targeting credit union members. These calls typically use language such as "Your account has been compromised" or "To keep your account from being locked or frozen, please respond to the following questions". Keep the following points in mind if you receive one of these calls...

  1. Never respond to any unsolicited call, automated or otherwise, requesting personal or financial information. No reputable institution will ever ask for your account numbers, card numbers, or PINs in this manner.
  2. Don't post phone numbers on social networking sites. Scammers love to collect information from these sites for their databases.
  3. If you have received this type call, notify the institution named in the call (The Credit Union for Robertson County, for example).
  4. If you have answered questions on such a call, close or block the account(s) to prevent fraudulent transactions, and contact one of the three credit bureaus to place an "initial fraud alert" on your credti report.

Do not hesitate to contact a Member Services Representative by dialing 615.382.8255 if you have further questions or concerns regarding this issue.


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